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Images above from "The Thinking Hand," a current exhibition at Harvard on the tools, techniques and materials of traditional Japanese carpentry.

In transit, Cambridge.

Junya Ishigami at the GSD. The Instagrammiest models I’ve ever seen.

An icy trip to Brandeis to see their impressive collection of modernist college buildings. Most by Harrison & Abramovitz.

Walking south on Park Avenue, a modernist facade study.

(That’s the New York Times Building at the end. Very son-of-Park-Avenue.)

Edible Schoolyard @ PS216 in Brooklyn, WORKac (2013).


Ruth Asawa at Christie’s. Exhibit up until May 31.

Images from ‘Ruth Asawa: Objects & Apparitions’ at Christie’s. Asawa, who died in August, is memorialized in the New York Times Magazine's 'Lives They Lived' edition this weekend.

Lakeside in Prospect Park, Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects. Rink opens to the public on Friday.

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